COVID Vaccination Survey

COVID-19 Vaccination Survey

Our records show that you have not yet had your Covid19 vaccination.

To help Dr Singh and Dr Joseph to support the vaccination programme and also to better understand the views of our patients, please answer the below two questions.

What statement best describes your current thoughts? *

Did you know...

As many as 1 in 3 people can be infected, show no symptoms but pass it on without knowing to work colleagues, family or friends?

16 patients have died directly from COVID-19 from our surgery and it may have been a contributory cause in other deaths. Many other patients have survived but have been adversely affected by the virus and its after effects.

  • You can book your vaccine at the Ikhlas Centre on 01332 460987
  • You can book your vaccine at the Pakistan Community Centre on 01332 460840
  • You can book your vaccine at the Derby Arena (contact the surgery who can book this for you) on 01332 360692